Our Aim

Farm to Table

We aim to provide you all our products directly from Farm to Table. In this process, we grow, nourish and extract the edibles on our own, then pack and deliver it to your doorstep following all safety measures and hygiene.

Why DeshiAnn

जैसा खाए अन्न वैसा रहे तन और मन, You will become what you eat. It was written in our traditions. We deeply believe in this truth, Today our society is facing dangerous health problems such as diabetes, cancer, kidney Lever, etc. All these health diseases are becoming very common in our society only due to our lifestyle and food habits.

We can fight them by changing our lifestyle and food habits. Heavy consumption of chemical fertilizers and pesticides not only spoil our health but also spoil the health of our environment and agricultural soil. Naivedyam Naturals promises you hundred percent healthy and natural products.

Have a look at our Farms and Farming Techniques

Here are some unique qualities why you should be choosing us as an ingredient in your daily meal

Choose wisely | Choose Organic

Benefits of choosing

Choosing Organic gives you a great advantage over your health and nutrition. Nowadays the use of chemical pesticides is on peak which leads to problems like High Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, Heart disease, some skin problems and increase in fat too. Thus choosing organic as a part of your daily meal will be a great benefit for you.


Organic Farming is better for environment because it does not pollutes our environment by harmful chemicals



It is fresh because it doesn’t contain added preservatives that makes it last longer like processed food

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No Pesticides

Organic products doesn’t contains any pesticides because it is nourished with the help of compost and Organic Fertilisers


Regular servings of DeshiAnn reduces risk of heart diseases


By using organic products, it promotes Animal Welfare


Recommended usage of Organic Ann prevents Premature aging

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Highly beneficial for Blood Pressure and Diabetic patients